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Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

So this is what it feels like to be totally bored...

Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Even if I do my daily routine of frying my eyes off looking at the monitor, I couldn't escape it.

Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Well he said he's going out on his own way... if I'm with him I'll just mess up his work, besides, he can do anything by himself. He got his decisions all made up, he has plan in his life... while me geez I'm just waiting to be taken down from my existence...

I don't have anything better to do while I'm alive than just pass the time with these virtual games... Reality just doesn't click with me that much...

Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Are my fingers getting numb pushing the same combination of buttons to kill this Boss monster for the nth time?

Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Geez looking at the other kids in here, I wont really find a replacement for that guy... besides he's the only one who gets ticked off by something most of the time.. and no one dares to approach me when I'm by myself... well except him...

Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Damn I finished the game again... Shit. It feels so much better when someone tries to interrupt me while I'm in the zone..

Winning a lot of this games just doesn't feel right when I'm not hearing litany of curses beside me or that constant crack of biting off that hard chocolate he always has.

I need to take a new habit... hmmm... they said smoking helps to calm off the nerves...

a/n: Because I miss my Mello... T^T Mello come back~!!! Shit...

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Yehey~!!! *jumps around* I finally cosplay him~!!! sorry I wasn't looking at the cam but this was the greatest pic/stolen photo taken of me as Matt~!!!

thanks to siberianclaws-neechan ^-^

Ok the crowd sucked and yeah I expected those remarks.. sorry for the Matt fangirls that I didnt hear their support aww....

but I heard that some were cheering its just that the crowd wasn't only mixed by otaku haters and non otakus but it was full of perverts and bashers that I want to shoot to kill...

ok they were dissing bad cosplays, weird costumes of animes they dont know, and most of all jeering hentai words on the cosplayers with revaling outfits...

geez they should just drop dead already before I kick their sorry arse till all hell breaks loose.


I didnt have much fun or even notice my friends and cosplayer acquaintances to cheer for them...

All I saw was everyone giving us the icy glare... shit...

I totally lost my mood... I cosplayed alright but I didnt do well on the catwalk... huge part on me not knowing what to do... and my growing hatred on some of the crowd.


anyway being near with my friends did cool me down though...

*sigh* now I just have to make my cos perfect the striped pants the googles though my glasses were good... and black & red striped shirt intead of a black & white one

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um previous hours before cosplaying Matt

god that title sucked... and well now as im typing this journal thing im having nervous ticks and my hand wont stop shaking...

why? im gonna cosplay Matt... problem: in my country I now only several people who knows Matt of Death Note

so really my thought s are when I go up on that stage wearing Matt's costume and the announcer saying my character as a guy from death note the crowd would just say

crowd: who the heck is matt? really he's from death note? i dont rememeber him... *stare*

O.O i know that they're staring at me because im in stage and all and im a cosplayer but really dude my paranoia is kicking in overtime

no not the part that the crowd is out to get me but well... i cant explain it...

-__- yes i must calm down coz right now I dont even know what to do in that stage...

ok this is the first time i got so worked up on cosplaying something.

what was my main goal again... oh yeah to show love for matt the poor ignored character of death note and yeah to have fun...

heck im gonna play DDR and other arcade shit wearing this costume later and in the middle of summer even if im in the mall...

the mall is so big the AC's cant cool the whole place...

hmmm should i remove the costume?

and yeah I'm also going to bring mero's costume...

omg baby mero's (my lil sis w/ mero's haircut) crying um yeah my poor excuse to just leave the post as it is....

ok keep my eye on the goal and HAVE. FUN.

ok must chant that in my head. god why did i stop smoking oh yeah naomi is totally going to kick my ass if i start again....

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*starts by playing the song I'm not Okay by My Chemical Romance*

I hate this... My house got robbed, my trust lies on no one at home at all.

I'm being suckish at school, sloth-issues, I'm not accomplishing anything at all.

I can't help my friends cause I can't even help myself.


Oh come on! REALLY?!

YOU call THIS BETTER?! I'm raving again!

As I have done since the beginning of MY High School life and now I'm in effing College for Christ's sake!

OK... I'm really not okay. Why should I be ok? Everything is tumbling down a very steep slope and into oblivion.

My escape route isn't helping too cause now its conneceted with my problem!

Oh and did I mention I have to handle this on my own? since it too hard to explain to any one HECK I even have trouble deciphering what I'm typing right now!

Its just that I have to vent this feeling somehow!

And here I am writing-er... typing in stupid journals again just to let the feeling inside of me out before I trample anyone's feelings or hurt some passerby who just looked at me in a wrong way.

DANG I'm a mess right now, I feel like I just dropped into a muck of mud, unmentionables and what-nots, gasping for air, reaching for something to keep me firm or to help me up, trying to break free but sinking myself deeper into it.

YES in otrher terms I feel like SHIT right now.



*stomps feet and walks away the song fading into the background*

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Your (Nick)name: laine
Other Means of Contact (email, AIM): laineyue@yahoo.com
Desired Character: IC!Matt
Preferred Pairings With Character: Mero, Nia, L
Sample Writing: Matt looked at his Mero's frustrated face as he tried to out do Nia in every way he can. Matt wearily sighed.

//Why do Nia always get all of Mero's attention?

"Nia beat me again... Nia would have done this... Nia thought it would be this... and Nia planned that..."

Does Mero even hear himself talking? It always Nia... He's obessed.//

Matt managed to avert his gaze on Mero, before they made an eye contact and returned on playing his GameBoy.

//Does he even know that I'm here?//

Matt's player got shot by one of the charging enemies. He had 2/3 remaining life points left.

//Does he even know how I feel?//

Matt didn't notice the trap set by enemy below, now he had only 1/3 remaining life ponts left.

//Does he even care about me?//

He was in the Last Boss stage of level 34 and it was hard defending his remaining life points and making a powerful offense on the Boss enemy.

//or is he using me?//

Matt stopped from pushing the buttons of his Game Boy as his sudden shock took over him.


Matt looked at the Game Boy for a few minutes then turned it off. He had to re-think his strategy and plan another way to get him.

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